Kettering Dog Walkers | Why is it important to walk your dog?
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Why is it important to walk your dog?

It seems obvious that when you become a dog owner that you will also become a dog walker. That is if you want to be a responsible dog owner at the least but exercising your new companion isn’t the only reason it’s good practise. I’ve decided to share the reasons why and the benefits for a regular walking routine.


A healthy body breeds a healthy mind as the saying goes and dogs are no different. Dogs, especially younger ones need lots of exercise to build up a healthy immune system and to learn about their surroundings. A good dog walker will know the limit of each dog. This doesn’t just include the distance to cover but also the speed of each walk so that the dog gets everything he or she needs without over doing it. Older and larger breeds may not need so much.


Dogs that fail to get the daily dose of exercise that a good walk brings tend to suffer from many ailments including most notably chronic digestion and stomach problems and lack of sphincter control resulting in breaking wind and loose bowels. Dogs tend to know when they are not feeling well which is why some dogs eat grass to solve many ailments to their inner body.


Dogs need plenty of interaction with other dogs and people to improve their social skills and learn how to behave in normal everyday situations. Like humans, a lack of social interaction can lead to some dogs becoming too shy, too dependent or too unpredictable to interact with others. Walking your dog regularly in different surroundings near other dogs can improve their demeanour.


Dogs who are locked up all day, who don’t have the exercise they need invariably are the ones with behavioural problems and are usually the ones that break household objects. The ones who destroy clothing and ultimately have regular incidents with your belongings. A good walk can remove most of the built-up energy and dog walkers can help train dogs with discipline problems on walks by making dogs that have a negative attitude always walk BEHIND the walker. Never let them lead the pack as this will encourage the disruptive behaviours. With each walk the dog will improve.

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