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Could you be a Lainy’s foster carer?


I’ve noticed lately that Lainy’s rescue are crying out for foster homes for the unwanted animals that they come across almost daily. Without the foster carers there’s no way Emma and her team would be achieving the amount of successful rescue stories they do.

Back to the title question… this isn’t a simple yes or no answer I’m afraid. I try to help Lainy’s as much as my time allows to but I know Emma is in dire need for foster carers. Especially for dogs.
Lainy’s operates right out of Chris and Emma’s own home so unlike your typical rescue centre they don’t have kennels to rescue unlimited amounts of dogs. Emma has to be almost military organised with every aspect of care and can become overwhelmed by it all. I have asked what questions are asked most regarding foster caring so you can give it a read and see if it’s for you/or your family.
It’ll also save Emma lots of time trying to match you with the correct dog/s that suit you.

1. How much time should I give a foster dog per day?

Not one dog is the same as the next so their needs will certainly differ. You’re definitely not expected to spend 100% of your time with them as this is simply unrealistic. As you can imagine some dogs that come into rescue have many issues and being apart of a foster family gives them the opportunity to learn how to be a “normal dog”. The general rule is that they shouldn’t be left for more than 4-6 hours each time. As long as you can give them daily cuddles, walks and accept them as one of your own family then Emma will be pleased.

2. Can I foster even though I already have pets (cats,dogs etc)?
This also depends on many points. Not all pets are willing to share their home and humans with a new dog. Emma also tries to match her rescues to new families accordingly. She prides herself on keeping everyone safe. Before any commitments are made Emma will organise for everyone to meet one another. This is often make or break on the decision. As much as us humans are desperate for it to work the animals will always make the final decision.
If the above all goes well there can be a couple trial nights to make sure it works out for everyone.

3. I also have my own children, could we still foster as a family unit?
This is a similar answer to the previous one. Not all children are the same, no matter their age but Lainy’s are rather strict on this. It’s not to offend anyone it’s to keep everyone safe. Dogs and children included.
Some dogs are handed over to Lainy’s through no fault of their own. Some of them have been brought up around children. For example : Max, a 3yr old collie cross has grown up in a family with children aged 8yrs and 12yrs. Due to this Max’s foster/permanent home will be best suited if the next family have children over the age of 8yrs. The reason for this is so Max can have the smoothest transition into a new life. Emma and her team request that all foster children are taught to respect their rescue animals. As well as learn to give them space. Especially in the beginning.

4. How much does it cost to become a foster carer?
Financially? Absolutely nothing. Lainy’s provide everything you could possibly need. Bowls, food, collars, leads, flea/worming treatment, vet trips and bedding. If you are fostering a dog that has a lot of up keep regarding the dogs coat/fur then the very lovely Michelle from Kettering Doggies on Polwell Lane will take care of him/her.
The only cost will require your time. Some dogs will require training, many walks and a lot of patience. If you’re naturally loving, kind, thoughtful and with some extra time on your hands then you may just be perfect.

5. Can I call for advice if I ever need it?
Of course you can. 9 times out of 10 Emma is incredibly busy but there are many volunteers within Lainy’s. If you do decide to foster, then you will be added into a Facebook group. In here are many likeminded people who have either gone through it themselves or will know someone who has.

6. So I’ve read the above, I have what it takes. What next?
Give Emma a call/message (I shall leave her contact details at the end) and you can both arrange a home visit. Your home doesn’t need to be a palace, it just needs to be secure. Especially the garden. As much as yourself and the charity are desperate for this to work you need to be made aware of all the difficult possibilities you may run into. These vary from dog to dog and being a foster carer isn’t for the faint hearted. This is why it’s absolutely paramount you go through the risks before organising a home check. As much as Emma loves meeting new people there’s nothing worse than having Lainy’s time wasted. Sounds a little blunt but that time could be spent on securing a home for other pets.

7. How long do the foster pets stay for?
Could be anything from a week to several months. The more time, training and love you put into the animal gives them a quicker chance of finding a home. You cannot become a foster carer if you’re not willing to take the time risk. It’s simply not fair moving a dog from one home to the next. Routine is key on finding a successful forever home.

8. What happens if we fall in love with our foster and can’t bear to let them leave?
Believe it or not this happens quite a lot. Of course Emma would prefer you to foster as many as possible but Lainy’s completely understand. We just hope you tell all your friends and family how rewarding it is and then they can also become part of Lainy’s rescue team.
If you do choose to keep your foster dog the adoption fees are £150. This is not just to cover your dogs needs but also helps towards the next. Without these fees they simply wouldn’t be able to rescue the amount of pets they do.

I’d like to now give other Lainy foster carers the opportunity to share their experiences.

Charene has many stories but I asked her to limit me to 3!


I first met Emma at Lainy’s 3 years ago when I contacted her about a dog I was interested in, sadly he had been adopted.
Emma mentioned a Labrador, so I agreed to meet him.
We took him for an awful walk around the lake, he pulled, he was hyper, he had the worst, basically he was just a nightmare…… I agreed to adopt him.

Dusty crash landed at my house a week later and met my son who was 3 at the time. It was an instant bond between both of them.

Dusty soon calmed down with a change of food and some exercise, he’s actually a really calm, loving, needy boy.

He loves nothing more than going for a run and rolling in fox poo and I call him a real labrat**t

We then adopted the evil cat shortly after, both dog and cat are joined at the hip!

I then opened the door to approx 1.6 million foster dogs and cats! It felt that way 😉


I’ve got so many funny stories from foster dogs and so many favourites that have broken my heart.

Here’s Marley now known as Charlie.
I only had Charlie 2 weeks as he was adopted very quickly.
Charlie was a 2-year-old golden retriever, stole my heart, ruined my garden and ate my flop flops!
He had been in rescue twice I think (Emma can put me right)
My son absolutely loved Charlie to bits as did i, we had many tears after he left. I posted some pictures and his story onto Labradors UK and a lovely man enquired about him, I contacted Emma straight away and we both got very excited once we saw where Charlie could potentially be living! The Yorkshire Dale’s! He landed on his paws and we still get regular updates 2 years later!




She was an accident
Sadie came into long term foster…… we had no idea if she liked dogs, cats or children she was 12-13 so thought let’s try her here. It absolutely paid off!
She has an unbreakable bond with everyone.
6 months later I failed as a fosterer.
She has been here for nearly 18 months now so she’s around 14-15 but don’t let her age fool you! She will outrun a 6-month puppy.
Sadie isn’t the prettiest dog with hardly any teeth and a wonky eye but she’s the most loyal loving girl.

Kaiden made the mistake of playing with her once, he thought wrapping a toy around his leg for her to tug on would be a great idea! See pictures to see who won

After adopting Sadie I said I wouldn’t be able to foster anymore as didn’t have the time or space…… I was lying to myself!


I consider myself very lucky to have fostered so many amazing dogs.
If I could go back I would just so I could do it all over again. Thanks for reading my mad life with Lainy’s.


My beautiful Bruno .. adopted from Lainey’s after one day foster, Boxing Day 2016 .. loves everyone – Julia Wilson


We Rescued Skye a year ago coming up on the 9th July last year Thankyou to Lainy’s Rescue who let Skye be part of our family she came to us with fear because of her background but all I see now is a happy and confident dog which she deserves to be she has and still is great with our four children and she loves them so much me and We all love her and I’m so glad we was able to make a difference to Skye’s life and make her happy again Thankyou Lainy’s and Thankyou Emma Judkins. – Laura Binder



this is Missy. We’ve fostered more other kinds than dogs for Lainy’s Rescue and Missy came when we were ready for a dog. Emma knew our home, I asked for a dog she said she’s got Miss. She is around 5 but playful as much younger dog, at the same time she always tries to be the best girl. she doesn’t like dogs so we can’t foster any for the rescue now but she is so patient and well behaved with all smaller animals (including 4 foster cats ATM! She was an easy adopt as she absolutely loves people. But in general I think to make fostering easier on both you need to take a step back first and see how they are, what they need. Open heart basically and patience. Lots of love. And if you know you are only fostering just remember- as you let them go you are opening a space for someone who needs it so much! That helps me, it made it easy  my two fostering helpers are my daughters, they are 4 and 7 and love both- adopting and fostering! – Monika Dietrich


Harry and Layla….neighbourhood watch.. – Charlotte Pepin



Thank you all so much for taking the time to read our blog. I’ve especially loved reading all the successful stories and I’m very sorry if your pet didn’t feature. I would certainly take me a lot longer than a weekend for me to feature everyone and that’s thanks to Emma and all her wonderful volunteers.

Don’t forget, it’s not just dogs Emma needs help with. If you have cat, reptile, fish and bird knowledge then you’ll be of great help.

If you can’t do any of the above then please don’t feel useless. Lainy’s is always in need for supplies to help the animals. If you don’t have the funds to donate, or give unwanted products then why not fundraise? Any help is always welcomed.

Facebook page

Phone number

07437575479 (9am-5pm)


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