Kettering Dog Walkers | My favourite dog walking footwear
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My favourite dog walking footwear


I’m often asked this question and I have struggled to answer in the past, but I now know I have the answers!!!

It does completely depend on the season, the weather and where we’ve chosen to walk.


Autumn/Dry Weather





I used to wear my sketcher trainers. No particular style as all have fitted my feet incredibly comfortably. I just find them super comfortable and they’re the only trainers that haven’t given me blisters.

I say ‘used to’ because I know where the best boots in the whole wide world.

I recently bought myself a lovely pair of boots. Although they aren’t waterproof. The sole of the boot is but if you were to walk through long wet grass like we do (a lot) then your feet will become wet.

I personally like the look of them so I pray for drier days so they can stay on my feet.



This is the website link in case anyone would like to check them out.

Fast Tack Direct – Horse Tack Suppliers

Winter/Wet Weather


I’ve been running my business for 4 years now. Since recently I would just keep buying new wellies. I would wear my usual shoes (sketchers) and the before I begin our walk I would then change before heading off onto our walk.


Whilst on our walk I would often find a hole in my boot. It was becoming so very annoying.

When I’ve bought new pairs I always make sure I buy a brand I haven’t bought before. I’ve bought Kangols, Asda own, Tesco’s, Joules and even Hunters.


Although now I can finally announce this most awesome winter boots for walking. These boots are the holy grail for dog walking boots.

They’re called WOMEN’S CHORE CLASSIC TALL BOOTS. I bought mine and Nala’s from

On the website they look like this.


The boots are unbelievably comfortable. I can’t remember the last time I felt the need to “look good” whilst on a dog walk so as long as my dogs are happy, and I can keep up without complaining then win win!!!


There are various places to buy all types of products, but I much prefer to buy from the official websites. I do this to so if we were to run into a problem (design malfunction) then it could be resolved quickly and amicably. They aren’t the cheapest of products but the durability for me is a must and worth every penny.


The Prices from the official websites

HMK – WAS £70.95 now £59.95

MUCK – £100

Me & Nala modelling our gorgeous boots with our even more gorgeous pack of dogs.


Nala and I are comfy happy walkers.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing my new discoveries.



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