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Hiro & Wolf Product Review


This is my most exciting blog entry so far (for me anyway). I have been fortunate enough to be gifted a lead from a super trendy company called Hiro and Wolf who are based in east London.

I was sent a Geo Hands-Free Lead. I excitedly opened the parcel and I instantly felt the quality was incredible. I’d go as far to say it’s the best I’ve felt and seen. I use many leads as you can imagine and I’m always looking for new products to try. Anything that will make my life a little easier, save me time and give all my dogs an enjoyable walk.

The lead is strikingly beautiful and stands out for all the right reasons. The details are stunning and the stitching is second to none. Speaking of the superb quality this leads me onto discussing the price. It’s priced at £49… yes that seems rather steep for a lead and it’s definitely a high end product compared to many others but you’re certainly getting what you pay for and I personally believe it’s worth every penny. Of course you could purchase any other lead out there but I haven’t seen anything like this. I go through so many leads in my line of work and it costs me quite a bit to continually replace and replenish my stock. I would much prefer to invest in quality, practicality, style and a company with great customer service. Hiro & Wolf also ship nationwide so no matter where in the UK you’re reading this you can pick your style and order online.

I’ll add the links needed at the bottom of this entry.

There are many different styles to choose from but I was sent a very colourful (deep purple, teal and orange) one and it just so happens I would have chosen this one anyway.

At the very most I will have 4 dogs on a lead at a time. I like to think I am fairly strong but sometimes I do have a dog who takes me where ever they wish to go. My legs are critical to me so I can complete a day’s work but my arms are also important. This lead has a metal hoop in the middle so you can wear it over your shoulder and under your alternative arm or (like me) around your waist. In my case it’s been used to help me with multiple dogs in a pack but if you only have the 1 dog it’s great for hands free. You can use your phone to take cute photos of your dog, poo pick or to simply put your hands in your pockets to keep them warm.


I’m in and out of my van and customers’ homes all day. In the past I would hoop a lead around my neck and in doing this I have lost many of my leads. Once I have safely put a dog in my van I take the lead off them so they’re no other safety concerns while I’m driving.

Since my Hiro & Wolf lead safely clips around under my shoulder I never lose it, the fastening clip is so big it’s easy to unclip my dogs once in the van. This has saved me so much time this past month and I certainly know my dogs are grateful for this.

I’ve been able to use this lead with even the strongest dogs as well as with my smaller dogs like Rocky here.

Check our facebook page to see Darrell (business partner/husband) demonstrating how fantastic the lead is.




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